Best VPNs for iPhone in Japan

The iPhone has, over the years, sustained the reputation of having remarkable security features. However, in spite of this, iPhone users sometimes turn to VPNs to beef up their security — after all, there is no such thing as being too secure. Beyond the security features that a VPN provides, an iPhone user gets to enjoy other perks when they combine their device use with a VPN. 

Basic VPN features that iPhone users enjoy include IP address masking, the ability to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship, split tunneling, and provision of dedicated servers.

Choosing a good VPN that matches your needs can be challenging because of the vast number that exists. This challenge gets compounded because most providers claim to be at the top of their game. In this review, we narrow down the options. You will find a list of the best VPNs for your iPhone needs. Here goes. 

Top Recommended VPNs for iPhone Users

Below are the best VPN service providers for iPhone devices:


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Key features

  • No logging of personal data
  • Excellent customer support
  • Over 3000 servers
  • Fast and reliable speeds

ExpressVPN is regarded as the best VPN for iPhone users, and for good reason, too. It presents one of the best user interfaces a VPN can have. With the “One-Click Connection” feature, set up is as easy as they come. Beyond that, the provider offers the option to reconnect automatically in case of a connection failure while using your mobile data or Wi-Fi. Even as a newbie, you will not be confused while using the service.

With ExpressVPN, there are 3000+ servers in over 90 countries with about 160 server locations to connect to. Having multiple locations from various countries is one key feature of a good VPN. You also get access to restricted applications and streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, amongst others.

ExpressVPN also offers an incredibly high internet connection speed. It is common to encounter reduced internet speed when connected to a VPN. However, with this provider, you can hardly notice any reduction in speed. You get to surf the net, stream, and download even in HD without any change in speed.

In terms of security and privacy, ExpressVPN uses the standard AES 256-bit encryption on its servers. ExpressVPN also explicitly stated that it does not retain users’ personal data logs. It even gives you the option to choose whether or not you want to send crash reports to help improve diagnosis. ExpressVPN also ensures that your IP address, DNS, and other data that might be traced back to you are not leaked. You can try out the DNS-leak feature on its website.

This provider allows 5 simultaneous connections to one account. Its subscription offers are affordable, and you also get a standard 30-day money-back guarantee window with every plan.


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Key features

  • Super-affordable
  • Cryptocurrency payments allowed
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Optimized servers with AES 256-bit encryption

NordVPN is another strong recommendation for iPhone users. The provider ranks highly on every test imaginable. It has more than 5000 superfast servers in over 59 countries, way ahead of many other providers. Beyond this, it also boasts of other great features that have continued to make it a consumer favorite.

NordVPN, like ExpressVPN, comes with a “Quick Connection” widget that shows you the closest server. This Quick Connection feature connects you with the fastest servers available, thereby making browsing, streaming, and online gaming super-fast and convenient. For specialized activities such as getting around geo-restrictions on platforms like Netflix, you get the option of manually connecting to the server of your choice.

As regards security, NordVPN uses the standard AES 256-bit encryption method along with double data encryption. The latter implies that your data gets run through two separate VPN servers before being sent to the internet. It also comes with an automatic kill switch, DNS-leak prevention features, a unique protocol known as NordLynx, and further allows for split tunneling. Like ExpressVPN, NordVPN also has a strict no-logs policy and comes with a malware blocker.

Subscription to NordVPN is quite pocket-friendly. You get the option of hooking up 6 devices to one account – slightly above the industry average of 5. More so, you get the standard 30-day money-back window within which you can request a refund, no questions asked.


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Key features

  • Ads and tracking blocker
  • Connects unlimited devices simultaneously
  • Excellent speed
  • 24/7 customer support

Surfshark is another provider that comes highly recommended for use with iPhones. It is relatively new, compared to other VPN providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. However, it is no less remarkable, sporting features that place it firmly within the ranks of the top tier providers. Surfshark is available in over 60 countries with 1700+ servers. This might not be as broad as the offers you get with some others, but Surfshark gives you the benefit of stellar speed, which makes it one of the best VPNs for iPhone.

Using Surfshark causes a barely noticeable decline in internet speed. You get to stream, surf, and download content without experiencing lags or buffering. When trying to access geo-blocked content on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc., you will face no challenge. You need only connect to the country of choice and voila, you are good to go.

When it comes to security, Surfshark offers one of the most robust possible encryption patterns; the AES 256-bit encryption. It also employs two of the best security protocols (IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN), which suggests that this provider takes its users’ security and privacy quite seriously. Like NordVPN, Surfshark also comes with a kill switch which ensures that your data is not sent online until the connection to the server is re-established. The provider also maintains a strict no-logs policy and has made provisions to ensure that very little personal information is required to set up the VPN.

The subscription plan for Surfshark is also very reasonable and is arguably one of the cheapest available. You can pay for your subscription using Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, further strengthening your privacy. Surfshark also offers a seven-day free trial for iPhones, Android, and Mac devices to give you a taste of what you are about to pay for.


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Key features

  • Many servers in Japan
  • Safe and secure VPN
  • Good choice for Android

HideMyAss (HMA) has a friendly user interface slightly similar to NordVPN’s. Although it is a mid-tier provider, it will nonetheless fulfill every need you have. It provides apps for the major operating systems, including iOS devices.

With HMA, you get the opportunity to choose from 800+ servers across over 280 locations in 220 countries. The server location includes countries in Central America, South America, and Africa. Other VPN providers do not have servers in so many countries as HMA does.

HMA however has some questionable logging policies which happen to be a turn-off for security-conscious users. They log information that includes username, actual IP address, connection timestamp, IP address of the server connected to, and amount of data transmitted. This information is stored for about two to three months before it is discarded. According to the service providers, the information is used to keep track of illegal activities and files being sent over their servers, prevent fraud, and improve performance. Regardless of these reasons, the policy still gives cause for worry.

HMA also has a seven-day free trial option and offers a 30-day  money-back guarantee. Subscribing to HMA costs about $11.99/month, making it one of the most expensive VPN services. The provider does not accept payment in cryptocurrencies. It only accommodates the traditional means, i.e, credit cards, PayPal, or e-check.


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Key features

  • Best free VPN on the market
  • Easy to use Android app
  • Superb security features

ProtonVPN is another mid-tier provider you ought to give serious considerations. It falls short when compared with some of the top tier providers. However, it does wonderfully in terms of security and also has affordable subscription plans. If security is high on your list, then this VPN should do.

ProtonVPN network has expanded considerably recently and now offers about 1080 servers spanning over 54 countries. Most of its servers are in Europe and North America, but some are in South Africa, Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil, and many more. If you are looking to connect to servers in any of those countries, you are fully covered.

Compared to other VPN providers, ProtonVPN has a slower internet connection, especially in long-distance situations. The routing process alone may not always be the reason for this reduction in speed, but it sure has its effects on it. Thus, you should consider this while going for this provider.

Like many other top VPN services, ProtonVPN has a no-log policy for user data. The provider states explicitly on its website that it does not keep track of your internet activities. It only requires your email address when signing up. The app also comes with features like a kill switch (which can be turned off manually) and DNS-leak protection features. ProtonVPN employs the secure AES 256-bit encryption and 4096-bit RSA key exchange to protect user data. It further supports connection to about 10 devices simultaneously.

ProtonVPN is reasonably priced, with its basic plan costing about $48/year ($4/monthly). It offers support for the iOS operating system, and all subscriptions also have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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Key features

  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • App compatibility with most devices.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • One-click connect.

UltraVPN, like Surfshark, also started operations recently. It has, however, become renowned because of its dependable connection speeds and ability to bypass geo-restricted websites and web applications. UltraVPN also offers a commendable list of about 1000 servers spanning 50+ countries.

UltraVPN also promises a no-logs policy, implying that it does not save user data. This ensures that your browsing activities are kept anonymous and private. It makes use of the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm to ensure that your privacy and anonymity are maintained. It also comes with a firewall which functions as a kill switch and terminates your internet connection once the connection speed reduces.

UltraVPN further grants you access to geo-restricted websites and applications like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and so on. The connection is seamless: you will be able to download or stream content with the littlest interference. It also allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices to one account. Hence, with one subscription plan, you can get every iPhone user in your circle covered.

The great thing with UltraVPN is that you enjoy value for your money. The subscription comes in one (1), six (6), and twelve (12) month plan. The longer plan comes at a discounted price; hence it is advisable to subscribe to it. You also get the standard 30-day money-back guarantee.


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Key features

  • Been around for a long time
  • Robust and fast servers
  • Many servers in Japan

This provider is by no means the least on our list. In fact, it has some really stellar features. If you are considering a VPN to use on your iPhone, you should definitely give CyberGhost a try.

CyberGhost has about 6420 servers across 89 countries. Their best coverage is in the United States, with over 1100 servers available. It does not work in countries like China but works in countries like Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Most CyberGhost servers are fast and reliable.  However, your proximity to a server could affect its speed. For instance, long-distance servers are slower compared to closer ones.

Another point of note is that servers used by CyberGhost are RAM-based rather than hard drive-based. This means that none of your data is stored during your online activities as the Random Access Memory wipes down after each use. It also allows for P2P connection for torrenting files. CyberGhost is however, not as effective as other VPN providers in terms of giving access to geo-restricted applications. It cannot unblock Amazon Prime video.

CyberGhost also claims to have a zero-logs policy, although this has not been verified by any external auditor. The encryption algorithm used by CyberGhost is the AES 256-bit encryption. It also offers IP leak and DNS-leak protection features on all of its applications. This is coupled with other features such as the kill switch, amongst others.

The monthly subscription on CyberGhost costs only $2.25/month and the provider has a money-back policy of 45 days.


VPNs are powerful tools for internet users who are concerned about their privacy and security. iPhone users are no exception. To choose the best possible VPN application for iPhones, one has to consider the security and privacy features offered by each provider, the logging policy, and server speed of each contemplated provider. The list above offers you a list to choose from. Whatever provider you settle for will be well worth the investment.