Best VPN for YouTube in Japan

The most popular video platform in Japan needs no introduction. Many Japanese people watch less television and spend more time streaming videos on YouTube. It is, therefore, safe to say that YouTube has a large audience based in Japan. However, the full YouTube user experience is not maximized in Japan, seeing that many foreign YouTube channels are blocked or not available to users in Japan.

If you try to access some YouTube channels in Japan, you may get the error message “This video is not available in your country”. This can be quite annoying, given that some of these videos may contain much-needed information or entertainment for you. Again, due to the high-rise of cyber-crime, there is a pressing need to keep your internet activities and personal information protected.

For easy access to your favourite YouTube channels and a highly secure internet experience, using a VPN becomes a necessity. A VPN will give you access to restricted YouTube channels while also ensuring that your activities on the internet are encrypted and properly shielded from anyone who tries to snoop.

Quick Guide

  1. ExpressVPN: With its excellent unblocking ability, this VPN is the best for YouTube in Japan. Although slightly expensive, ExpressVPN is our top pick. It has top-notch security and a very fast speed to give you the best streaming experience.
  2. NordVPN: If you’re looking for a reliable VPN with a reasonably low price, then you should have your eyes on NordVPN. It offers strong encryption as well as excellent service and great customer support.
  3. SurfShark: Using SurfShark will offer you good value for your money. It gives you access to YouTube channels from several countries with fast speeds for you to stream your videos without buffering.
  4. UltraVPN: A standard and easy to use VPN. UltraVPN offers servers with great internet connection stability that allows you to stream your favourite shows and channels on YouTube unrestrictedly.
  5. CyberGhost: CyberGhost offers you a great unblocking and streaming experience. It also allows you to share files across the network. The user interface is easy to use and ideal for new VPN users.
  6. ProtonVPN: If you’re looking for blazing-fast streaming speed, then look no further. ProtonVPN offers the strongest encryption and it offers a free VPN plan for you to test its services.
  7. Trust.Zone: Trust.Zone will overcome any censorship and unblock any websites or YouTube channels unavailable in Japan. In addition to that, your browsing activity is securely protected from your ISPs as well as cybercriminals. 

Best VPNs for YouTube in Japan

For a guaranteed high-quality streaming experience with access to all unblocked channels, a paid VPN is highly recommended. The following networks have been chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Superb connection speed.
  • Excellent security and privacy measures.
  • Adequate customer support.
  • Easy to use apps for major devices.


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Key features

  • No logging of personal data
  • Excellent customer support
  • Over 3000 servers
  • Fast and reliable speeds

ExpressVPN provides outstanding unblocking services to give you a hitch-free YouTube experience. No matter where you are in Japan, once you are connected to this service, you get access to all YouTube content from around the world. What’s more? 5 devices can be connected to one plan simultaneously. This means that it doesn’t matter what device you wish to watch YouTube from, as long as you are connected to this VPN you can watch YouTube unrestrictedly.

Asides its unblocking prowess, ExpressVPN keeps your identity secure and every data you transmit online safe using the AES 256-bit encryption tool. It uses the split tunnelling system to allow you to choose which applications to keep on the network and which ones should use the regular internet. One of the best things about using ExpressVPN is that it allows torrenting. You can share files through P2P sharing at an unimaginable speed.

For further security and anonymity, ExpressVPN allows you to pay for your subscription using Cryptocurrency to prevent a money trail that can be traced back to you. ExpressVPN is also a very good VPN for watching Japanese TV overseas, like for example channels like AbemaTV and GYAO.


Device image

Key features

  • Super-affordable
  • Cryptocurrency payments allowed
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Optimized servers with AES 256-bit encryption

NordVPN comes in next after ExpressVPN because it offers features that are almost as great. With over 5,000 servers in 62 countries, your YouTube experience just got better. You can unrestrictedly access YouTube channels all over the globe from Japan. These servers are not only reliable, but they are also quite fast which means streaming videos from the site becomes a breeze; there’s no buffering or lagging.

NordVPN is also great for other downloading or streaming uses like torrenting and P2P file sharing. Its swift speed makes the process hitch-free and easy. If you’re big on protection, the network also comes in very handy. Its military-grade encryption gives you full security online so you can rest assured that no one can track your online activities. The provider also has a strict zero-logging policy for double assurance. With this VPN, you are anonymous on the internet.

NordVPN’s pricing plan is budget-friendly and has a cryptocurrency payment option. With a single plan, you get to protect up to six devices at once. NordVPN is also a good VPN service to use overseas, since you can access shows like Japanese Hulu and Japanese Netflix.


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Key features

  • Ads and tracking blocker
  • Connects unlimited devices simultaneously
  • Excellent speed
  • 24/7 customer support

If you’re looking for a VPN that can cater for the entire family or a group of friends, SurfShark is your go-to. This VPN enables unlimited connections of all your devices to just one subscription. With this feature, everybody on the plan can access restricted YouTube channels at their own convenience. No need to switch devices to gain access.

Unlimited device connections also mean automatic online protection for as many devices as are connected. Your identity is prevented from leaking with the provider’s automatic kill switch feature. Each server on the network also has its own private DNS so there is no chance that you can be spied on or watched. For additional safety and faster internet connections, SurfShark allows a multihop system where you can connect to 2 or more servers at once.

With all these sweet features, you don’t have to be in a rush to pay for any of SurfShark’s subscription plans. It offers a 7-day free trial period on its mobile version so you can test the network to see whether it meets your browsing and security needs before subscribing. If after subscribing, you still feel that the network is not the one for you, there is a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and a supportive customer care service to walk you through the process of getting your money back.

Surfshark is also a great choice for watching shows like Japanese Amazon Prime and TVer overseas.


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Key features

  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • App compatibility with most devices.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • One-click connect.

The user interface is very simple and easy to use. This makes it easy for newcomers to find their way around without any problem. UltraVPN unblocks any geo-restricted sites or channels, so you have the entire internet to surf freely. You get access to all YouTube channels from Japan at a minimal cost.

The VPN also offers protective services using the outstanding AES-256 standard for encryption, keeping all your personal information safe and away from hackers and ad trackers. Once you’re connected to this VPN, your devices become a no-malware zone.  You can also torrent freely without any file-sharing restrictions.

The network is compatible with all major devices including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It offers top-notch customer support service and also provides a variety of options you wish to communicate. It also has a 7-day free trial period for you to test-run the service and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It ensures that you get your money back within 30 days of your first subscription if it turns out that you don’t like its services.


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Key features

  • Been around for a long time
  • Robust and fast servers
  • Many servers in Japan

CyberGhost remains a solid choice of VPN and one of the leading VPNs on the market. Despite the numerous features it offers, it comes at a reasonably low subscription price. It unblocks almost all streaming platforms, YouTube inclusive, and grants you complete access to them at mind-blowing speeds. Its specialized servers that are optimized for streaming makes it even more ideal for surfing the internet. CyberGhost guarantees you access to very tough geo-blocked sites while giving you total anonymity on the web.

The network also has an in-built ad-blocker that prevents ads from popping up and interrupting your videos so your videos can load faster. You can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously so all your devices can be protected at the same time.

CyberGhost also offers excellent torrenting services with specific servers that are optimized for P2P sharing. It allows you to add these servers to your favourites list so you can always access them as you please.


Device image

Key features

  • Best free VPN on the market
  • Easy to use Android app
  • Superb security features

With this network, you have access to almost any site on the internet including YouTube and its numerous channels. Streaming is extremely fast with ProtonVPN. It has 800+ servers in over 50 countries that give you lightning-fast speed with unlimited bandwidth. This allows you to watch your favourite channel and make downloads without waiting for them to load or buffer.

Although it is a fairly new VPN on the market, the brand is already a trusted one. It has a history of guaranteed security services especially with its ProtonMail, an encrypted email service. To further protect your information, you can sign up to the VPN using a ProtonMail address. This, coupled with the provider’s strict no-log policy, ensures your identity is completely covert and untraceable.

ProtonVPN has a free version that allows to test out some of its features. This free version has no data limit, but it supports only 3 countries and allows only 1 device.


Device image

Key features

  • Offers complete anonymity
  • Unblocks all kind of websites
  • 164 Servers in 80+ Zones
  • Free trial period

This VPN caters to your streaming needs. It is all you need to get a great streaming experience on YouTube and any other streaming platform you wish. Its servers have great speeds for you to stream and watch videos online as long as you are connected to any of them. It unblocks all the restricted content on YouTube so you can view what you like whenever you like.

In terms of security, Trust.Zone’s encryption protocol is so tight that your Internet Service Provider cannot track what you’re doing online. It uses the OpenVPN protocol, SHA256 and RSA-2048 handshake, and AES-256 encryption standard for this purpose. Furthermore, its automatic kill switch makes sure that there are no data leaks if your network ever trips off, hence nothing can be traced back to you.

This VPN supports all major devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS and comes at affordable prices. You get a 3-day free trial period to try out the service before subscribing.

Setting up a VPN on Your Device

After selecting a preferred VPN service from the list above, here is a brief guide on how to set up the VPN on your mobile device:

  • Download and install the selected VPN application or software on your device from the website of the VPN provider or your mobile app store.
  • Sign up and make a subscription to your preferred plan on your device.
  • Log in and allow VPN access on your device.
  • Go to the VPN settings and choose a suitable encryption protocol.
  • Select a server depending on your preferred location

This procedure will help you set up a VPN on most devices and guarantee you a protected identity online and access to whatever content you please on the internet. Your surfing experience just got better!


Through Virtual Private Networks, you will notice a significant improvement in your streaming experience. You can watch all your favourite videos on popular streaming channels, and browse without the fear of your online activities being tracked. The VPNs in this guide have all been put through rigorous tests and have consistently emerged on top, no matter what. All you have to do is choose one based on your needs and budget so that you can start enjoying access to restricted YouTube channels without hassle.