How to Play DMM Games Outside Japan

DMM is one of Japan’s top “players” when it comes to great entertainment. The company was founded back in 1999, and then, it offered e-commerce and video on-request services. However, decades have passed, and the company has grown far beyond an average online shopping website.

Today, DMM hosts some of the best anime games globally. These include games like Touken Ranbu, Kamihime Project, and Kantai Collection, to mention a few. Unfortunately, these jaw-dropping games are usually not accessible to players outside Japan.

Of course, gamers that are far from Japan often try to beat the restriction and catch up on the fun. The use of proxy servers and other alternatives are common options but are usually not sufficient. What next can you do then? Well, you would have to get some of the best VPN services in the world.

Why DMM games are blocked outside Japan

Countries have different policies as regards the sort of content that can be hosted within their territories. So, even though DMM freely hosts its games in Japan, the company would face copyright restrictions in other countries.

Interestingly, most online games hosted by DMM have a content rating grade of 18+. This leaves the company with the need to strictly limit its games to its home country of Japan, where the games are in line with regulations, rather than be embattled by lawsuits from other countries.

Best VPN Services for DMM games

Fortunately, with the right VPN, all problems of restrictions and lawsuits cease to exist. Here is a list of some our best:


Device image

Key features

  • No logging of personal data
  • Excellent customer support
  • Over 3000 servers
  • Fast and reliable speeds

ExpressVPN is one of our favorites. The provider has an incredible outreach with 160 different VPN server locations in 94 countries globally. Fortunately for all gamers who have been restricted by DMM, these locations include Japan as well.

However, the gains of getting ExpressVPN doesn’t just stop at access to the games alone. Gamers get to enjoy high connection speed, top-quality data transmission, and impenetrable encryption. These are important as you wouldn’t want to suffer connection breaks and crashes while enjoying the Touken Ranbu or the Kamihime Project. Also, ExpressVPN works on every device, be it your PCs, mobile phones, game consoles, and even routers. Thus further increasing the provider’s ratings.

ExpressVPN tops its incredible features with an excellent customer support system. The provider offers guides on how to use its VPN products and has a 24-hour live chat system available for customers. Lastly, ExpressVPN operates a 30-day money-back guarantee that ensures you a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with their service.

The provider has subscription rates that range between $9.99/month to $12.95/month. And often, new subscribers get to enjoy discounts on some packages. Without a doubt, we say that this is an excellent deal to enjoy your favorite DMM games.

ExpressVPN is a also a solid choice for watching Japanese TV overseas, unblocking shows such as Japanese Netflix and Japanese Hulu easily.


Device image

Key features

  • Super-affordable
  • Cryptocurrency payments allowed
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Optimized servers with AES 256-bit encryption

Next in line is the NordVPN. NordVPN is particularly amazing because the provider is continuously working to improve its user experience. NordVPN promises the best server network, high-value software architecture, and robust facilities. It’s an excellent recommendation if you’re looking to enjoy your DMM games without any stress.

NordVPN offers features such as the ability to bypass ISP throttling that may slow down the connection speed, and double protection on IP privacy. These two features alone would give you the luxury of hours of uninterrupted Magicami episodes, as well as, other DMM games of choice.

Also, NordVPN provides access to P2P sharing to the good fortune of gamers. P2P means ‘Peer-to-Peer,’ and it is a feature that allows users to share large files conveniently. This means that you would have no problems transferring your large gaming data between your devices.

As regards subscriptions, NordVPN has a variety of packages that allow you to select which one suits your needs easily. The pricing range between £3.84/month to £9.20/month, depending on the length of the package.

NordVPN products are supported on all devices of different operating systems- Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, etc., and are relatively easy to use. Also, there’s a readily available 24/7 online customer support to satisfy your needs further. This VPN service provider offers a full refund to unimpressed customers within 30 days of purchase. Interestingly, 72 out of NordVPN’s 5800+ servers are located in Japan. Thus, further raising the stakes in favor of gamers looking to enjoy DMM games with the provider’s services.

NordVPN is not only a solid choice for unblocking gaming plattforms, but also works great with unblocking TV plattforms such as NicoNico or radio plattforms such as Radiko.


Device image

Key features

  • Ads and tracking blocker
  • Connects unlimited devices simultaneously
  • Excellent speed
  • 24/7 customer support

Surfshark is one of the top performers in the new generation of VPNs service providers. It offers a variety of remarkable services and features that bring out the best in your gaming experience. First on the list is the CleanWeb. Now, what does this feature do?

Well, with CleanWeb gamers using Surfshark are completely exempted from all forms of malware and ads while connected to the Internet. This feature is further supported by Surfshark’s ‘no log’ policy that ensures that a user’s browsing activities are not recorded. So, even if you’re logged out of the VPN after a gaming session, you remain safe.

Also, Surfshark has a super-cool feature, which is the Whitelister. The Whitelister is uncommon to several VPN providers, and it’s a tool that allows some apps to bypass the Surfshark VPN. This way, you can access your DMM games with your devices while allowing selected apps to operate normally.

Other features offered by Surfshark include Killswitch, Camouflage, Multihop, and NoBorders. Killswitch ensures your data remains protected during periods of bad connections. While Camouflage, Multihop, and NoBorders help strengthen web-anonymity while you enjoy your games.

Surfshark subscription rates come at a relatively low price. Initial subscriptions go for as low as $1.99/month for a length of 24 months. While a one-time monthly subscription costs $11.95.

Surfshark is also a good choice if you want to unblock other Japanese online plattforms such as AbemaTV or TVer.


Device image

Key features

  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • App compatibility with most devices.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • One-click connect.

Although UltraVPN is a new player in the industry, the VPN service provider has held its ground as a worthy one. It provides gamers with the opportunity of access to its latest tools without having you break the bank. Fortunately, UltraVPN has its servers available in Japan as well.

One of UltraVPN’s most impressive features is its ‘No Bandwidth Caps’ access. With this provider, you do not have to worry about your gaming connection speed being dropped due to many users on a server. Why? UltraVPN has a global list of servers, thus, giving you several alternatives to choose from.

Also, UltraVPN provides gamers with powerful IP encryption that offers access to social media accounts. This allows you to not only enjoy entry to restricted DMM games but also access to restricted social media gaming communities. Hence, you can play Touken Ranbu and, at the same time, challenge local players from Japan. Cool right?

Lastly, UltraVPN is compatible with most devices of different operating systems – Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, etc., and offers one-login access to its users. This means that you can use a single UltraVPN account to power up to five of your gaming devices. On pricing, UltraVPN’s subscriptions range between $3.75/month to $7.99/month depending on the timeframe.


Device image

Key features

  • Been around for a long time
  • Robust and fast servers
  • Many servers in Japan

CyberGhost is a VPN provider that users can always trust to deliver premium services to them. This isn’t surprising as it has over a decade of experience in the VPN industry. Further proof of CyberGhost’s exceptional capabilities are the impressive 5900 servers owned by the provider. These servers are operational in more than 89 countries, which includes Japan.

In terms of features, CyberGhost is performing excellently as well. It is clear that the provider leverages its experience and wide reach to offer users premium features like impeccable IP encryption, optimized server access, and all-device protection.

The impeccable IP encryption provides you with all the protection you need against geo-blocking, as in the case of DMM games. While optimized server access, on the other hand, ensure quick and flawless internet access.

CyberGhost also offers all-round protection that allows you to protect up to 7 of your devices at once. With this, you don’t have to worry about being restricted from playing your games on a single device.

Another impressive service offered by CyberGhost is the exclusive access to its NoSpy servers. The NoSpy servers guarantee top-grade protection as they are managed by the CyberGhost team alone. This means that they are shielded from all forms of external interference and would never compromise your details.

These features, accompanied by guaranteed top connection speed, would leave you thinking you were living at the center of Japan while you enjoyed DMM’s ‘Gal Metal’ game. CyberGhost’s subscription rates range between $2.75/month to $12.99/month based on the subscription time-length. This comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with CyberGhost’s services.

Is it legal to use VPNs?

Interestingly, there’s a common misconception among Internet users that VPNs are illegal. However, that is far from the truth. At least in places like the United States of America. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network,” and its primary function is to help secure your activities on the Internet. These include keeping you safe from hackers, malware, and other forms of digital harm.

However, it is ‘illegal’ if a person chooses out of his own volition, to carry out criminal activities under the protection of VPN services. That is to say that any form of digital crime is equally punishable even if the offender was under the protection of a VPN service.

It is also important to note that not all countries permit the use of VPN services. Countries like Iraq, China, North Korea, and Russia ban or restrict it. In such countries, any form of use of VPNs could then be regarded as illegal.

What are the other benefits of VPNs?

Fortunately for DMM gamers, there’s a lot more to gain from subscribing to a VPN service other than access to previously restricted content. Some of these benefits are given below:

1. Access to cheaper plane tickets

Although it may seem unbelievable, the use of VPN services can help subscribers reduce their traveling costs. How does this work? Well, most times, airlines set their ticket prices based on geographic regions. Some places may come cheaper while others are more expensive.

VPN services allow you to change your location remotely. Thus, allowing you to book tickets at lower prices. Of course, it is an excellent way for you to save money traveling while still enjoying unrestricted access to your favorite games.

2. Ability to be a globetrotter

In literal terms, a globetrotter is a person who enjoys traveling to places all over the world. However, this luxury is not available to most people due to money constraints and several other reasons. Interestingly, VPNs can make you a globetrotter from the comfort of your home.

How? VPN services offer users real-time access to information in locations all over the world. You can be seated in your home and still enjoy live competitions, presentations, and all sorts from anywhere in the world, even though they might only be initially available in their domestic countries alone. VPNs get rid of your boundaries, and that’s something most people would consider themselves fortunate to get.

3. Availability of secure remote access

VPN services are well famed for optimally securing user information. However, they also provide an extra feature that allows safe remote-access for external parties. And of course, this is according to your discretion.

An instance is a scenario where a gamer wants to give a person in a totally different location access to his or her gaming account. Even though the two players may be miles apart, VPN services ensure that only authorized access is allowed while still keeping the gamer’s information safe and secure.

To cut it short, VPNs keep you safe and still offer the benefit of extending the security to others that are connected to you.

In conclusion

DMM has a long list of amazing games which most game-lovers would love to have a piece of. However, these games are not ordinarily available beyond Japan’s borders due to regional differences, laws, and so on.

Fortunately, VPNs are out to save the day with their incredible features that put away all forms of boundaries and restrictions. For a small price, they offer you high-value access to all those previously restricted games, while still providing several other benefits. Not taking advantage of them would be a disservice to yourself.