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    NordVPN Review for Japan


    NordVPN Review

    NordVPN is the provider that offers the most valuable service for the price we have tested.



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    NordVPN is an overall powerful service that can meet the needs of many Japanese users. This VPN provider offers a secure and 100% anonymous VPN service, with some servers in Japan and more than 60 other countries.

    The number of servers is also impressive, making it the perfect service for streaming Netflix Japan from other countries. Furthermore, this service is well compatible with Japanese streaming services such as AbemaTV and U-NEXT. This service has a large number of servers, especially in large countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. And the speed is also very fast. NordVPN has a zero log policy, which makes this service very secure. The company is based in Panama and is outside the jurisdiction of the US and EU, making it a very secure VPN service. Therefore it is also suitable for torrent use.

    When it comes to price, NordVPN is right in the middle. It’s not the cheapest, it costs about $10 a month. However, if you buy a lengthier plan, it will be even cheaper.

    NordVPNs main menu on PC and Smartphone

    Does NordVPN have fast servers?

    Speed ​​is an important factor when choosing a VPN, especially if you do a lot of heavy streaming, torrenting and downloads. Although any VPN service will experience a slight delay in using the VPN program, having a fast VPN service will allow you to use it at speeds close to the maximum speed of your network.

    NordVPN is consistent in that all of their servers offer very fast speeds, and their servers have very good connections. In most cases, Japanese citizens living outside of Japan can stream their favourite Japanese content in HD or download files without slowing down, whatever server you choose. Low latency also impacts strong performance, making NordVPN a good choice for gamers.

    NordVPN gets high points at fast speeds, but unfortunately it takes some time to connect to different servers. This isn’t a big deal, as it’s only 10/15 seconds different than ExpressVPN, the best VPN service on the market. This is a problem with many VPN programs, but it is not a big issue when using it.

    Security and privacy

    NordVPN is suitable for those who are concerned about security and privacy. Since this company is based in Panama, which is separate from the EU and US jurisdictions, collecting user information is not legal.

    This allows them to have a strict zero-log policy. This is because NordVPN does not have that information even if the third party asks for your browsing history, they cannot provide this information to the third party. NordVPN prioritizes the security of user data and we appreciate the service’s attitude within the VPN portal.

    NordVPN has a lot of extra safety features

    In fact, many VPN services do not have a zero-logging policy, so many services log user traffic and sell user information to third parties. This is bad news for VPN users. NordVPN is safe to use without logging user traffic. You can fill in your information on the web as long as you are connected to their encrypted servers.

    NordVPN offers Kill Switch, DNS, and IPv& Leak Protection as standards. If your VPN connection goes down unexpectedly, your IP address will be temporarily exposed. The kill switch prevents this when the connection is lost.

    NordVPN also offers additional protection for sensitive information and more with dual VPN, or TOR over VPN. NordVPN offers dual security features in addition to these. Overall we were happy with the security of NordVPN for Japanese users.

    Servers in each country

    NordVPN has over 6000 servers in over 60 countries. This is not much different from other VPN providers on the market, and many other VPN providers offer more national servers than NordVPN. But for most users, 60 countries is more than necessary, and they have servers in even the unthinkable countries.

    NordVPN has servers all over the world, and many in Japan

    The server choices are very good. The most popular countries have a huge number of server choices (including Japan), which is one of the strengths of NordVPN. Simply put, more servers mean faster speeds.

    In addition, users can choose a specific server according to the purpose of using VPN. For example, if you want to use a VPN to watch American and British TV, you can choose a particular server that allows you to watch TV shows in HD format. This spells great news for Japanese users, especially if you are living abroad and would love to access geo-blocked Japanese content.

     Their server has a number of other features that make NordVPN a popular VPN. One thing we found to be a problem was that we couldn’t choose a particular city, which is useful for some purposes. But there are several ways to address this.

    How much does NordVPN cost?

    Like many other VPN services, NordVPN offers packages at different prices depending on the purchase period. Short-term use is more expensive, and long-term purchases are cheaper.

    NordVPN’s 1-month purchase price is average compared to other VPNs. Prices may vary slightly from time to time and may differ slightly from the photos in this article. Usually a one month package costs about $10. This is neither expensive nor cheap. For example, the ExpressVPN 1-month package is about 10% more expensive than this.

    NordVPN has very cheap pricing

    However, if you buy for a long time, the price will be very cheap. For example, a three-year purchase plan costs about $3 a month and is cheaper than Starbucks coffee. NordVPN’s long-term purchasing plans are the cheapest of the providers we’ve tried. However, not many people are interested in using such a long-term VPN, and many people only need it for short periods, such as when you travel abroad.

    NordVPN also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Most paid VPN services have this guarantee, so that’s not a special part of NordVPN. However, this is a very convenient guarantee, and you can always request a refund for no reason. So users can try NordVPN risk-free and switch to other services risk-free if they don’t like it.

    If you’re interested in a completely free VPN service, here’s why we don’t recommend it.

    Ease of use

    We were very pleased with the user friendliness of NordVPN. Other VPN services have to search a country in a long list to find the best server, but NordVPN does not. If you wish to connect with Japan from outside the country, this is very easy. NordVPN has a world map instead of a list from which you can easily select a country.

    After choosing your preferred country, NordVPN will automatically choose the fastest and least busy server in that country. This is a very easy process, especially for beginners, as you don’t have to guess which of the server choices is the best. It’s also very easy to change the server. Just select a server from the main menu based on speed and other features.

    The NordVPN software is easy to operate. To change the settings, just click on the settings button above the menu and you will see various options and enable automatic kill switch, anonymity on LAN connection, internet kill switch if needed (so that you can connect to the Internet only while you are connected to the VPN), you need your own DNS server, you can turn features such as protocols on and off. It’s all easy to find from the NordVPN menu.

    In addition, you can easily contact customer service through the app and have a little easier conversation with their customer service. Customer service is not provided in Japanese because NordVPN is not a Japanese VPN service. But talking to customer service in English shouldn’t be a big issue. Details of customer service are introduced below.

    NordVPN for iPhone and Android

    NordVPN’s apps for iPhone, Android and tablets are easy to understand. Installation etc. is very fast, just install from Android or Google Store, create a user account and log in. This usually takes less than a minute.

    This system is similar to the PC platform. You can easily select a specific country from the world map or menu. When you click on a country, “Quick Connect” or NordVPN will automatically choose a server, giving you the option to choose another particular server. This system can be seen in the image on the right.

    NordVPN Review


    • Lots of priced options
    • Support for Netflix is ​​constantly updated
    • 256-bit AES encryption


    • App is slow

    You can easily select different features from the numerous options by clicking the settings icon on the far left. In our experience, the mobile app lacked a kill switch or some other important PC feature. This can be a problem and I don’t know why.

    But overall I found the NordVPN app to be very good and easier to use than the PC platform. Recommended for users who want to use NordVPN on iPhone and Android.

    Watch Japanese Versions of Netflix on NordVPN

    Because NordVPN has a large amount of US servers, it responded very well to accessing US Netflix. Many users use VPN services to watch Netflix and other streaming services. As is well known, for example, American Netflix has more options than Japanese Netflix. This is because Netflix is ​​spending more resources on big powers like the US.

    However, If you’re a Japanese user living abroad, you can still connect to Japanese servers to access Netflix Japan from wherever you are. By connecting to a Japanese server, Netflix recognizes that the user is in Japan and within Japanese Netflix. This way you can watch Netflix in Japan from outside Japan.

    NordVPN works well with Netflix Japan

    Netflix is ​​blocking VPN IP addresses one after the other, so VPN services must constantly update their servers so that not all of their IP addresses are blocked. As a result, only the best VPN services support Netflix. NordVPN responds very smoothly to Netflix. Netflix was able to access the Japanese version of Netflix without knowing that we were connecting to the VPN IP address.The streaming speed was also excellent and we had no complaint about the service.

    Overall, NordVPN works very well with Japanese Netflix. Click here for a larger test of NordVPN’s Netflix compliance.

    Watch AbemaTV and U-NEXT with NordVPN

    AbemaTV is geo-blocked from outside Japan. You can easily remove this geoblock by connecting to a Japanese server using NordVPN.

    In addition to using VPN to watch Japanese Netflix, many users also use VPN to watch Japanese TV from abroad. Japanese television is blocked outside Japan due to rights restrictions. This makes it impossible to watch Japanese TV from abroad.

    NordVPN is a good choice for AbemaTV

    Basically, NordVPN is an excellent service for Japanese users. This is because this service has invested in the Japanese market and has many servers in Japan. We connected to some of the Japanese servers to access streaming services such as AbemaTV and U-NEXT. Accessing these services was very easy and fast with NordVPN.

    Therefore, we can say that NordVPN is suitable for watching Japanese TV from abroad.

    Special features

    NordVPN has some specific servers for security and other purposes. NordVPN has the functionality of Onion Over VPN, which provides all of the benefits of the Onion Router (Tor) and also adds additional security to the VPN tunnel. Simply put, for users who want to browse the dark web, it adds additional security features to the VPN.

    NordVPN also has a double VPN feature. This means hiding web activity by two servers. This is also known as a VPN chain. This makes it harder to track the user’s traffic because the user’s traffic is first encrypted through one VPN server and then through the other VPN server. NordVPN also has some specific servers for P2P sharing. P2P is one of the most prominent ways to share files with others, and their specific servers are well suited for the purpose of this VPN.

    NordVPN has a special feature called Professional IP. A specialized IP is an IP address that only one user’s account can use, rather than multiple users sharing the IP address. Unfortunately, professional IP features are expensive and currently cost $70 a year for use.

    With all its special features, NordVPN offers a lot more than other VPN providers targeting Japanese users.

    When using NordVPN for torrents

    NordVPN gives you access to a wide selection of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu in the US, but many Japanese users use VPN to download files. Many of these files are illegal and many users want to hide their IP address. (We do not encourage the use of VPNs for illegal activities.)

    NordVPN has several P2P servers suitable for downloading torrent files. This means that this service is very useful for torrents. We tried downloading some files on sites such as The Pirate Bay (a website with entertainment and software content), and NordVPN made our IP address 100% anonymous. There was no problem with speed.

    When we tried this, we turned on the kill switch to disconnect the internet if the VPN connection was lost. When using a VPN for this purpose, it’s a good idea to use a kill switch so that you don’t temporarily expose your IP address to anyone else in power.

    Can I use NordVPN for free?

    There are articles out there that say you can use NordVPN for free, but unfortunately this is a lie. In the past, you could use the full version of NordVPN for 3 days free of charge by simply entering your email address to get your password. However, many users create multiple email addresses when a VPN is needed, which prevents VPN companies from making money. This is morally wrong, but not illegal.

    NordVPN has a 30 day free trial, but you have to pay first.

    Unfortunately NordVPN has stopped the free feature for a while now. If they currently advertise that they are free, that means they have a 100% risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s not a real free version, you have to pay first to use this service, but it’s free because you can request a refund. The answer to the question whether NordVPN is free is no.

    When using NordVPN for Chinese firewalls

    Many Japanese users use a VPN to prevent geoblocking while traveling. China is one of the countries that always needs a VPN, so whether a VPN can pass through a Chinese firewall called the “Great Wall of China” is a good test for a VPN. This is an advanced firewall created by the Chinese government that blocks websites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Wikipedia, Snapchat and YouTube.

    In this case, NordVPN offers a feature called Obfuscated server among the few providers. These particular servers are designed for use in VPNs in highly regulated situations and can be used in a number of situations. NordVPN Customer Service provides updated information on how to get past a firewall in China.

    NordVPN Customer Service

    We have tested NordVPN’s customer service several times with satisfactory results. Any questions we asked were immediately answered and this was impressive.

    On the right is a screenshot of a conversation with a very kind person about whether NordVPN is compatible with American Netflix. She immediately responded to our questions and provided helpful answers. This also helps make a good impression of NordVPN.

    Also, their customer service was helpful in stopping the purchase. In our experience, many companies have a bad attitude about this, so it’s hard to stop buying. We sent an email requesting a refund to NordVPN to try the 30-day money back guarantee.

    NordVPN has good customer support

    The customer service responded that there was no problem with the refund and it would be refunded to the account within 2 business days. Also, he kindly welcomed me when I purchased again. However, some users seemed to have had to provide a reason to stop buying, and their experience seems to depend on who they talk to.

    Overall, NordVPN’s customer service is excellent. I got the impression that they have a kind and patient staff. One problem is that NordVPN isn’t a Japanese VPN service, so you can’t speak Japanese, but talking to customer service in English shouldn’t be too big a problem.

    When using NordVPN in Japan

    The most important purpose of our test is how NordVPN can be used in Japan. Some VPNs work well for certain countries. GooseVPN in the Netherlands, for example, spends resources for the Netherlands and works well in the Netherlands. No matter how good NordVPN is overall, it won’t be useful unless it is used well in Japan.

    Fortunately, NordVPN works well in Japan. This service has the most servers in Japan among our tested VPN providers. NordVPN has more servers in Japan than many VPN services in the world. According to our tests, different servers in Japan work well, speed is fast, connection is stable and strong.

    Overall, ExpressVPN was the best, but NordVPN is highly recommended when using VPN in Japan. According to our experience, NordVPN works well in Japan.

    How to install and use NordVPN

    Installing and using NordVPN is very easy. First, go to the NordVPN website and find the purchasing package page. Here you can choose from different purchasing plans depending on how long you use this service. (Long-term purchasing plans are even cheaper.)

    After selecting the purchasing package, fill in your email address and payment method. You can pay by credit card, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cryptocurrency, Alipay, and Ignore. After payment, you will be a user and will be able to download NordVPN. The download is very quick and it only takes a few minutes to install the program and start using it. Then log in to this program on your PC, fill in your user information and connect to the server. Now you can use NordVPN. According to our experience, most users go through this process in less than 5 minutes!

    Frequently Asked Questions about NordVPN Review for Japan

    1. Can I unblock Netflix Japan Abroad with NordVPN?

    Yea, you can. Netflix Japan is restricted abroad because of licensing agreements. However, you can easily unblock the platform with NordVPN. The VPN provider has incredible unblocking abilities to bypass any geo-restriction you may encounter on a Japanese platform like Netflix Japan abroad.

    All you need to do is connect to any of the servers in Japan. Once you’re connected to a Japanese server, you can enjoy all the content you’re interested in from anywhere in the world.

    2. In what Japanese cities are NordVPN’s servers located?

    NordVPN has an extensive server network of more than 5000 servers, and more than 80 servers are located in Japan. The VPN’s Japanese servers are all located in Tokyo. So, when you connect to any Japanese servers, NordVPN will spoof your location. This will make your ISP and other platforms think you’re really in Tokyo.

    3. Is it illegal to use a VPN in Japan?

    No, it is not. No laws are restricting or criminalizing the use of VPNs in Japan. As a matter of fact, the country’s internet is relatively unrestricted. However, it is what you do with a VPN that counts. The government is firmly against any nefarious acts online, so as long as you don’t carry out any illegal activities, you have no problems.

    4. Can I use NordVPN to torrent in Japan?

    Yes, you can. However, torrenting isn’t allowed in Japan. The government has stringent laws that could have violators facing jail time or steep fines. It is not advisable to attempt downloading content through torrents, but you have nothing to worry about if you use NordVPN.

    NordVPN makes it impossible for the Japanese government to discover your real identity thanks to encryption and other privacy features. So, you can download or upload anime, video games, music videos, and other content on Japanese torrents without looking over your shoulder.

    Wrap up

    In summary, we think NordVPN works well under most conditions. This service offers many servers, fast speed, lots of security features, no logging, secure connection with a kill switch that protects user information in case of connection loss. The service is very good at seeing Netflix in the US, Netflix Japan and AbemaTV from outside Japan, and overcoming firewalls in China.

    Surprisingly, this service is very cheap. Some new and upcoming VPN services such as SurfSharkVPN, UltraVPN, PrivateVPN, GooseVPN are focused on active marketing and are getting bigger with new users.

    The price of these services is about the same or more expensive than the very cheap NordVPN. It’s sad that many users are paying for more and choosing less good products. NordVPN has been in this market for many years and understands this business well.

    Opinions on our NordVPN:


    Hiroki says: “NordVPN has been the leading VPN service on the market for many years now and many of my friends and acquaintances use it every day.

    I use PIA VPN and ExpressVPN myself, but these two are not the best and I’m used to it. So I was looking forward to trying NordVPN with a focus on speed and safety.

    We have tried many different factors such as speed, security, ease of use, speed of connecting to different servers, customer service, advanced security features, price, etc. Overall, I was impressed with the services that NordVPN offered and the overall robustness.

    The website is nothing to show off, but overall it’s a very good and stable VPN service. Also, this service is very cheap.

    I highly recommend NordVPN. I myself am thinking of switching to NordVPN as my PIA VPN purchase plan will expire in the next few months.

    When it comes to scoring, NordVPN will score 8 out of 10. This service may take some time to connect to the server, for example ExpressVPN is better at this. I was annoyed by this as this service frequently emits different notifications, but this can be turned off in the settings. “


    Akihiro’s comment-“I was the one who offered the larger test for NordVPN. I’ve been a big fan of this service for over 4 years.

    So my opinion may not be very objective, but along with Hiroki and Ami’s, it should be objective overall.

    The reason I like NordVPN is that they have a lot of servers and many in Japan. This ensures that there is always a server open, even if someone is using it.

    Personally, I use the Internet anonymously and use a VPN to avoid surveillance, so I don’t need to connect to a server outside the country like other free services etc. It is convenient to be able to.

    We tested NordVPN to compare with Hiroki’s favorite ExpressVPN and PIA VPN. NordVPN gave a good score. In terms of speed, these three VPN services were just as fast. NordVPN takes a bit longer to connect to a VPN service than ExpressVPN, which is a shame, but not a big deal.

    NordVPN is the best price/win service out of all three, and we also find the easiest way to view server choices on this service’s world map.

    NordVPN also has better support for US Netflix than PIA VPN. And I had no problem watching Japanese TV from overseas using Japanese servers. (We had Hiroki’s friends in Spain try it out.)

    Overall this test worked as I expected and I highly recommend NordVPN. I give this service 9 out of 10. The slightly slower connection time is a minor problem, as Hiroki pointed out. This can be tricky when using this service for long periods of time, but it’s not such a big deal. “


    Ami’s opinion- “Similar to Akihiro and Hiroki, I’m totally pleased with NordVPN’s service. I try not to repeat the same as the other two, but with very fast speed, security and customer service. This service, which offers friendly, advanced features at low cost, was impressive.

    For those who value the value of money, NordVPN is a great choice. Not all VPN services are suitable for all levels of users, but this service is suitable for all users.

    Overall, I’m happy with NordVPN. But let’s talk about some of the tricky things. First, as Akihiro and Hiroki have already pointed out, connecting to different servers takes some time. I’ve noticed this because I’ve been using ExpressVPN for years, which is very fast. But with a difference of 10 seconds, this isn’t a big deal.

    I also regret that NordVPN did not offer a different server for my intended use. CyberGhost, for example, offers special servers for different purposes, such as using the service to browse Netflix, downloading content anonymously, or browsing websites anonymously. This is not a big issue, but it could be an improvement.

    I have two other VPN purchasing plans so I didn’t renew after the one month purchasing plan for this service expired. Then, I was repeatedly sent notifications from this service to my PC, and I was troubled, so I decided to uninstall it.

    There are so many good things about this service so I wanted to speak about its negative side. But overall I am very pleased with the service and give it a score of 8 out of 10. “

    NordVPN Review

    NordVPN is the provider that offers the most valuable service for the price we have tested.

    Average score




    Average score